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Advertising tarpaulins: large format digital printing to get noticed!

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The large-format digital printing service allows you to choose the graphics to cover the building during renovation, and reconciles the advantage of applying the logo on maxi sheets to never go unnoticed!

One is often attracted to giant advertising tarpaulins covering a building or scaffolding, especially in cities like Milan. Sometimes you get caught up in it, and sometimes it turns out to be an enjoyable art form that makes an advertising concept memorable.

The solutions offered in large-format digital printing are perfectly suited to the most ambitious offline marketing projects to extend the visibility of one’s business.

Rossetti Group is equipped with roll-to-roll machinery that prints on maxi plants with UV printing technology, on PVC and TNT. The result is perfect for covering building scaffolding and concert towers.

Maxi advertising sheets are also applicable on backdrops for events, congresses, parties and sporting events. Ideal for spreading awareness of local activities.

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