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Innovative materials and special applications for graphic printing: from custom printing on wood to decorations on glass

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The area of special applications for graphic printing is constantly evolving, consequently, the choice of media is becoming more and more careful, in conjunction with innovation and quality.

The quest for perfection and the desire to experiment has driven Rossetti Group to continuously invest in technology and training.

The use of special materials, such as wood and glass, requires a special technique and greater skill: you can choose custom printing on wood for a compact and durable effect, or decorations on glass for a bright effect and in-depth images.

Special printing applications prospect high-definition graphic solutions on: glass, mirrors, wood, aluminum composite, plexiglass, polycarbonate, expanded pvc, adhesive forex, self-adhesive material, wallpaper.

Selected inks enable applications with superior gloss .

Sophisticated printing technologies keep the colors vivid and long-lasting, the result obtained is performant. An original way to stand out!

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