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Project takes shape through digital printing on exhibition and event booths and displays

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Event marketing is about communicating the message to attract new customers right away, which is why graphics for exhibition booths and digital printing on set-ups are essential!

Trade fairs and events in Milan are an important showcase: logo presentation, brand display, and image curation facilitate relationships with potential clients and partners.

The Rossetti Group team takes care of each set-up in detail, and develops the booth design for smooth visual communication that captures the audience and entices them to interact.

Creative solutions of digital printing on displays include decorations suitable for floors, walls, banquets, walls and displays.

Very useful for demarcating exhibition booth areas are interior design and display area panels.

Rossetti Group’s trade show booth graphics are also perfect for enhancing billboards, posters, totems and displays.

Specialties for staging include renowned architect‘s models, scale models for reproducing architectural elements such as buildings and urban areas.

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