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Wide range of flexible, rigid and special printing materials for printing high-definition advertising

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Having flexible, rigid and specialty printing materials available encourages experimenting with new customized images to represent a company’s distinctive features.

In high demand is digital printing on fabric and printing on pvc advertising banners, flexible pliable materials that allow the image size to be adjusted for a professional final product.

Using UV roll-to-roll devices and machinery with state-of-the-art plotters, graphics are reproduced on plexiglass, polycarbonate, expanded pvc, adhesive forex, and self-adhesive material.

Depending on the creative idea, images are also made in high definition on medium to large sizes, such as printing on pvc advertising banners and rigid forex panels.

The selection of printing materials prefers quality and durability, with special emphasis on the search for special and innovative materials, such as glass, mirrors, wood, and aluminum composite.

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