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While the state gives you 400 euros to spend on vacation, WE have decided to give you 500 euros for 4,000 euros of spending: as much as 20 percent of your spending from us we turn into a vacation… This is not a joke!!!

Rossetti Group Ltd. wants to give you a dream restorative vacation after a really hard time for everyone, in one of the best paradises in the Mediterranean: the Costa Brava.

Rossetti Group Ltd. decided that customers who buy products in December 2020 and January 2021 totaling 4000 Euro (incidental expenses and VAT excluded) paid by Credit Card or paypal will be entitled to receive a Voucher for a stay of 2 people for 7 days and 6 nights in a 3 or 4 star Hotel in Costa Brava (*), a Bluvacanze trip.

How do you have to participate?

Sign up for the promotion by sending an email to info@rossettigroup.it with the subject line Costa Brava. Enter the cell phone number and email on which you want the payment message to be sent by credit card or paypal: You will be entered into the eligible database and thus reserve your Voucher (there are only 50 Vouchers, don’t wait for them to run out)

1. Place an order or multiple orders to reach 4,000 (excluding incidental expenses and VAT) by January 31

2. For each order, pay by credit card or paypal by following the instructions that come with the payment message on the cell phone number you had indicated

3. Upon reaching 4000 We send you the voucher. And if you can duplicate, we’ll duplicate too!!! Every 4,000 order in the period December 2020 January 2021, entitles to 1 voucher!!!

(*) The conditions of the Voucher are stated on the directly on the ticket that will be sent to you upon reaching the conditions to receive it. Those who would like to know the conditions can request them only after registering for the promotion. Email enrollment in no way obligates the member to reach the 4,000 order limit. The right to receive the Voucher is developed only upon attainment of the prerequisites specified above: 4,000 euros in value excluding incidental expenses and taxes, expenditure realized in the months of December 2020 and January 2021, payment upon receipt of notice via credit card or paypal.

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